Improv Comedy

This site has been created to help you make your next birthday party special with our improv comedy shows to entertain your friends and family.

Having comedy made up on the spot using input from your friends and family is a great way to entertain and make people feel catered to since the show is just for them.

We are experts at providing birthday party entertainment options with improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners and developed this site to help our clients to get the most out of their special day. Below is information about our birthday party improv comedy shows.

Birthday Party Gam Shows

Entertaining Through Competition

Our birthday party improv comedy shows use the best improvisational comedians to wow your gatherings with private events that will not soon be forgotten. Using input from our audience, we create comedy on the spot that couldn't be repeated even if we tried. The intimacy of such a performance creates a unique bond between the performers and the audience as the lightning in a bottle entrances them.

theyImprov comedy shows provide an alternative to stand-up comedy as well as other theatrical venues. With an impressive cast of actors in the area, improvisational comedy always delivers a variety of entertainment for a relatively small amount of money. Actors take suggestions from the audience and perform comedic and theatrical pieces. The audience participates by initiating the action with their suggestions.

This direct interaction has long made improvisation stand out as an option for birthday party entertainment. It allows for someone to be honored by bringing them on stage as well as to engage audience members in laughter creating a shared experience that won't soon be forgotten.

comediansAudience Participation. We have a variety of performance pieces that use audience members on stage. Each is designed to make the audience participant to look like a star and to be seen in a favorable light, as opposed to being someone that we made fun of. This helps make a birthday party all the more special and enhances the experience.

Comedy Training. We can provide a one or two hour workshop prior to a dinner, teaching family and friends how to perform certain comedic pieces. Then, during the after dinner comedic show, we allow some of the attendees to particpate. We allow them to perform side-by-side with our professional comedians and work hard to make certain that they are made to look good and to be the stars of the improv comedy show. All the better way to entertain the birthday party because they know more about the honoree than we do, no matter how much research we could do.

emceesWe come to you! We come to whatever venue that you choose. This can include any area restaurant, hotel, bar or even someone's home. We work with the venue to ensure a smooth operation. This includes working with their team to coordinate their sound, stage and lighting. We can provide sound equipment, etc., as well, but for an additional fee, though we usually opt to use the venue's equipment. Of course for smaller groups, as most birthday parties are, no equipment is required and not using microphones enhances the intimacy of the show.

Email us at or call (866) 219-4386 with information about your birthday party including:

Location and date for your show
Size of your group
Desired length of show (30 / 60 / 90 minutes or other)
Available equipment if a larger group
Special needs that you think we should know about

We will then follow-up and provide you with a proposal for presenting your show. Contact us today to find out how you can entertain your business.

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